Composites are booming in nearly every branch, thanks to their excellent characteristics. Nevertheless, the applications for serial production are still quite limited due to costs, in a better way: economic efficiency. The automotive industry has currently taken over the role as frontrunner for CFRP developments. But a wide use in serial products requires a strict step towards competitive costs per part and drastically reduced lead times.

The challenge is to match the tact of automotive production at one to two minutes to make it attractive for high volume production. Promising technologies such as high pressure RTM have already led to an impressive reduction down to six minutes at quite acceptable costs per part. But a real breakthrough requires more. It requires among others to extend the view from current thermoset technologies to other matrix systems.

For this reason, FIBRE and MESSE BREMEN initiated ITHEC, International Conference and Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites, the first conference in the world focusing on the promising opportunities of advanced thermoplastic materials and processes in 2012. In strong corporation with renowned partners we established this forum and invited international experts and representatives from leading companies to Bremen to highlight the great opportunities thermoplastic composites can offer in terms of cost, performance and lead time.

For ITHEC 2016, 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites, 280 high ranking conference delegates from 26 countries gathered in Bremen in October 2016. Having been attracted by a premium two days conference programme including 2 keynote lectures, 25 oral as well as 21 poster presentations the international experts discussed the wonderful opportunities advanced thermoplastic materials and processes can offer to make high performance composites competitive for high volume production. Again, the high degree of participants from industry (70 per cent) underlined the industrial relevance of the topics. 94 per cent of the delegates were highly satisfied and announced to return for the upcoming event.

Join this powerful community of thermoplastic composites gathering in Bremen. Make use of this brilliant network for your success. Pre-register for the upcoming event right now!

Looking forward to meeting you in Bremen on 30 - 31 October 2018 for ITHEC 2018.