Thermoplastic Composites & Airplane Production

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 09:00 – 09:45
Hanse Saal


Composite materials have seen a steadily increasing application in aerospace, spanning commercial airplanes to fighter jets, satellites to UAVs.  Aside from the obvious opportunities to reduce vehicle weight due to superior specific mechanical properties and tailorability, commercial aviation has also benefitted from the transition to advanced composite manufacturing in fabrication flexibility, reducing waste and controlling processes directly to achieve consistent part quality.  Boeing, as the leader in large scale composite airplane construction, continues to broaden the application of all the major categories of composite materials.  The authors will discuss an overview of value creation in aircraft design and manufacturing, how material choices, design architecture, and production system design interact in tuning for optimum value, and how the thermoplastics supply base can contribute, participate, and improve the products built by the aerospace industry.



D. Trop, The Boeing Company, Seattle, USA
T. Benson Tolle, The Boeing Company, Seattle, USA


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