F1: Continuous Production of Thermoplastic Sandwich Structures and their Functionalization via Hybrid Injection Molding Technology

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 14:00 – 14:25
Borgward Saal

Session Chairs: M. Würtele / F. Henning


An Organosandwich, consisting of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic face sheets and a folded thermoplastic honeycomb core, can be cost-efficiently produced and used for highly economic lightweight structures. For this purpose, a fully automated process with a partial functionalization by hybrid injection molding was developed. Furthermore, the construction process was simplified by characterizing the material and developing engineering design methods for different Organosandwich types.


T. Gläßer, Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany
A. Geyer, Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany
J. Pflug, ThermHex Waben GmbH, Halle, Germany
R. Schlimper, Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany
M. Zscheyge, Fraunhofer IMWS, Halle, Germany


Thermoplastic Sandwich, Hybrid Injection Molding

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