E3: Processing of Thermoplastic Composites; Developments & Future Challenges

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 14:50 – 15:15
Hanse Saal

Session Chairs: A. Blom-Schieber / I. Fernandez Villegas


Thermoplastic composites can be processed via a wide variety of processes. Most established form is thermoforming of blanks from fabric based or UD tape based organosheets. This has proven to be a robust and efficient process for a variety of smaller parts such as ribs and brackets. Recent developments on thermoplastic uni-directional tapes have shown to improve ease of processing and processing robustness. These developments will be highlighted in this paper.
For larger and more structural parts other processing techniques are envisaged as well. A typical example is tape placement, followed by oven consolidation process. This process is demonstrated for structural aerospace poly aryl ether ketones. These UD Materials were further optimized to allow for efficient tape placement processes showing in-situ consolidation quality. These recent developments truly enable a cost effective method for thermoplastic processing of large structural parts. These material developments and related characterization methods will be highlighted as well.


H. Luinge, TenCate Advanced Composites, Nijverdal, The Netherlands


In-situ Tape Placement, Polyaryl Ether Ketones

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