How to contribute

We appreciate your interest in a conference contribution to ITHEC 2020!

To ensure a reliable handling of your abstract(s) we will again make use of the OpenConf Abstract and Peer-Reviewing System. We have already proved this in several other events.

Detailed Guidelines for Submitters as well as for Reviewers are ready for download, now.

Furthermore, we will publish detailed guidelines for the layout of the manuscripts in April 2020

If there is any additional question, please do not hesitate to contact the organiser.

How to contribute

OpenConf offers a performance very close to the procedure we are all familiar with:

Authors, reviewers (committee members) as well as the organisers do have their personalised access to the online database. Although having already uploaded the files, authors can modify and reload them later on, provided the final deadline has not been reached. You can even withdraw the contribution or watch its status during the evaluation process. At any time you are aware of your personal data, the status of your submission(s), the number and quality of abstracts received, and, of course, the evaluation status after the deadline. And all this is performed within a secure https connection.

This is your entry to OpenConf!

Download Logo ITHEC 2020 (zip, 10 MB KB)

For authors' assistance we have compiled detailed Guidelines OpenConf for Abstract Submitters ready for download.

For reviewers' assistance we have compiled detailed Guidelines OpenConf for Reviewers ready for download.

Please find a detailed set of guidelines and forms for the presentation of oral and poster contributions as well as the layout of manuscripts dedicated for the publication in the Conference Proceedings. .

Authors are asked to make use of this template to ensure a correct layout of their manuscript.

A more detailed decription may be found in the ITHEC 2020 Guidelines for Authors.

All speakers are asked to upload personal details to the OpenConf System enabling the session chairs to give a personal introduction at the beginning of their talk. 

In order to publish the manuscript in the conference proceedings we need the author's filled Copyright and Consent Form.

In uploading their manuscript to the OpenConf System the authors confirm their acceptance of this agreement.


As in 2016 and in 2018 we offer to forward released pdf versions of the oral presentations about 4-6 weeks after the event.

This helps to avoid lots of photos taken during the presentations ignoring the copyright of the speakers.

Therefore, the speakers are kindly asked to offer a released version for this and to fill in the corresponding agreement.