Armacell Benelux S.C.S.


Armacell Benelux S.C.S.
Rue des Trois Entit├ęs, 9
4890 Thimister-Clermont

Company Description

Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams offers a wide range of foam components for foam converters and part makers in automotive applications. Armacell developed a patented process technology enabling the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foam products made entirely from 100 % post-consumer PET (rPET), more precisely from recycled PET bottles. Furthermore to its rPET raw material base, all products are 100 % recyclable after use phase.
Armacell's rPET product range consists of structural foam cores used in composite sandwich structures for parcel shelf, trunk floor or EV battery undercover. Extruded flexible foil sheets used for vacuum thermoformed parts such as air ducts and door water shields. And particle foams to manufacture lightweight and strong ready-to-use 3D-shaped foam parts.
With this pioneering technology, Armacell converts waste material into high-quality, high-performance products and supports the automotive market's drive for more sustainable product solutions.


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