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SimpaTec GmbH
Wurmbenden 15
52070 Aachen

Company Description

SimpaTec – Break your limits. Challenge us.

The core philosophies of SimpaTec are our motor and at the same time an appeal to our clients: “Break your limits!”
Moreover, it is a call to anyone of us to overcome barriers, to think outside the box and thus conquer new horizons even if they appear bold.

Define and aim for new goals and projects with SimpaTec!

With competence, experience, ambition and the use of the latest software technologies, we mutually set new standards in the holistic development and optimization of processes, components and tools.
Each and every complex question is met by scientific expertise. Due to our market position and international presence, we are always informed about the latest results of research and development trends.
This makes SimpaTec your first contact and definitely your leading consultant to cluster efficient and highly productive software and service packages. No matter if you are working on design issues with CAD, dealing with process optimization or doing crash test analysis with implicit and explicit CAE applications, you will be supported by highly skilled and trained professionals on our sites in Germany (Aachen, Hamburg, Reutlingen and Weimar), Linz in Austria, Guebwiller in France, Bangkok in Thailand and in the US.

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