AGC Chemicals Europe


AGC Chemicals Europe
York House, Hillhouse International
Thornton Cleveleys
Lancashire FY5 4QD
United Kingdom

Company Description

AGC Inc. is a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals, electronic materials and ceramics.
At ITHEC the chemicals division of AGC Inc., AGC Chemicals, will present its novel product line of Fluon+™ anhydride functionalised, melt processable fluoropolymers and highlight their advantages when used in composites. Fluon+™ can adhere chemically to carbon fibres, glass fibres, matrix materials or metals. Fluon+™ can function as an impact modifier or adhesive in sandwich constructions. Used as a matrix by itself, a Fluon+™ composite provides excellent chemical and high temperature resistance, as well as low friction performance. This unique combination of chemical bonding and high performance properties allows the design of new composites with enhanced characteristics.


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