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SVISMOLD - Kunststoffwerk AG Buchs
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Company Description

SVISMOLD - stronger together

SVISMOLD combines effective molding technology with the manifold possibilities of fibre reinforcement by in-mold application of prefabricated tapes and organic sheets. Since almost seven years,we are developing and producing injection molded parts with uni-directional tape reinforcement. Especially in thin-walled elements with structural enforcement, we are looking back at millions of parts in production experience. The integration of unidirectional tape reinforcement in thin-walled component makes high demands on the processing technology and the design of the components. By combining highly efficient injection molding processes with significantly increased mechanical properties due to the tape reinforcement, additional processing expenses can be compensated. Modern production equipment, an experienced team and powerful partners in suppling and expertise, will make us your partner for various light weight project ideas. stronger – together


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