Pinette Emidecau Industries


Pinette Emidecau Industries
5 rue Paul Sabatier
71103 Chalôn-sur-Saône

Company Description

Pinette Emidecau Industries, also named Pinette P.E.I is an industrial engineering and machine builder that designs and manufactures turnkey plant and customized equipment dedicated to thermoplastic and thermoset processing. Composites forming, handling and testing machines: automated production systems, hydraulic presses and NDT ultrasonic test benches. We are experts in composites forming solutions (HDF, RTM, Stamping, Consolidation, Curing, SMC, High temperature). Innovating with high speed production line QSP® (one minute production cycle) manufacturing net shape thermoplastics and hybrid composites (multi thickness and multi material). Pinette PEI operates worldwide within the composites industry, especially in the aircraft, space, helicopter, automotive and wind energy sectors. For more than 150 years, Pinette's success has been driven by a technically skilled workforce and a business development strategy based on innovation, cooperation and global services.


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