Greene, Tweed & Co.


Greene, Tweed & Co.
2075 Detwiler Road, P.O. Box 305
Kulpsville, PA, 19443-0305

Company Description

Greene, Tweed is a world-class leader in the design and manufacture of engineered solutions for the aerospace, energy, and semiconductor industries. We partner with airframers and leading tier 1 companies in the aerospace industry to develop high-performance thermoplastic composite products by using advanced design, analysis, and processing techniques to deliver value to our customers.

Our Xycomp® DLF® thermoplastic composites technology targets complex-shape metal parts replacement resulting in key weight savings, parts consolidation, corrosion resistance, and other benefits. Commercial aerospace OEMs successfully adopted this technology for their major production programs. Produced using thermoplastic-matrix materials, Xycomp DLF products can be recycled and remolded at the end of service for other applications, supporting your environmental goals. For more information, visit us at .


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