Surface Generation Ltd


Surface Generation Ltd
7 Brackenbury Court, Lyndon Barns, Edith Weston Road
Lyndon, Oakham, Rutland LE15 8TW
United Kingdom

Company Description

Surface Generation is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced Plastics, Composites, Metals and Glass processing solutions based around its patented PtFS technology (Production to Functional Specification) for the Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Consumer Electronics industries. With over 90% exports, the company's customer base includes blue chip OEM's, Tier 1's and Materials Suppliers around the world.
Founded in 2002, the company has an extensive technology portfolio and offers a product range including advanced thermal and process control systems specifically designed to maximise performance in turn-key or retrofitted applications. Ideally suited for production with low and high temperature engineering thermosets and thermoplastics in single sided, matched tooling, Autoclave and Out-of-Autoclave applications. The PtFS technology has successfully been adapted for injection moulding, allowing the manufacture of stress free, thin (<0.5mm) section parts. Considerable success has also been achieved with the injection over-moulding of a larger automotive part.
Depending on the system specification, typical ramp rates are around 45°C/min, with a tolerance of ±5°C across the tool face at dwell. Faster ramp rates (100°C/min) and tighter tolerances (±2.5°C) can be achieved with higher specification systems. Both heating and cooling rates are highly controlled to influence the final physical and mechanical properties of the part produced, particularly where semi-crystalline polymers are being processed.
By precisely controlling temperatures during manufacturing, Surface Generation offers a step change in processing accuracy, speed, economics and part performance even with the most challenging materials, designs and applications.


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