Rental Fees

(exhibition space only)

Row stand

230.00 per m2 + 19 % VAT

Corner stand

250.00 per m2 + 19% VAT

Head stand

270.00 per m2 + 19 % VAT

Hall Plan / Available Stands

Due to the huge interest we had to move the exhibition to the Exhibition Hall 4.0 one floor down only few steps away from the lecture halls.  Please download our hall plan showing the location of Hall 4.0 as well as the available sites. All red or yellow marked areas are booked or at least reserved.

The special exhibition area is reserved for a special show on 3D printing of fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites, only. There will be special conditions, but also special requirements for this area. Only equipment, accessories, services, and important development results related to these technologies are to be presented here.

If you are interested in this part of the exhibition, please contact the organiser.

System stands

Rental pre-fabricated stands are available.

If you are interested, please contact the organiser for detailed information.

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